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I Write the Way You Think


Words leave a lasting impression.

Get Connected

As the founder of Let Me Tell Your Story since 2011, I help clients tell their stories with purpose-driven passion and a deep connection to their desired outcome. 


I understand that weaving the past with the present, through writing, editing, branding, campaigns for social good, digital initiatives, and community building creates powerful connections that induce change.  Over the years, I have found out of the box solutions that leave lasting impressions. Read more about my experience and background here.


Contact me directly to learn more about the services I provide.


"It has been a pleasure working with Lori Sica.  The work she put into helping my nonprofit, was most welcome.  The exposure I received through her blogs, social media services, promotions and fundraising, helped cast a shining light on my small nonprofit.  Her dedication to our cause was heartwarming and much appreciated. Thank you, Lori, for your professionalism and for all you did for Hug Wraps and the cancer patients we serve." 

Brenda Jones

Hug Wraps

"Lori Sica is simply amazing.  Extremely professional, ever present but not intrusive.   Lori has increased our digital presence to levels we never imagined.  Always ensures deadlines are met, and actions are taken.  Someone you can build a team around.  Reliable, Intuitive and inclusive."

Jim Ruh 


Shaun O’Hara Foundation

"Lori strategically planned a social media campaign to promote my book Dancing with Tex,  After a few months planning, and a strong five day promotion, the book became an Amazon Best Seller. Lori is astute in connecting people to purpose and causes. She is well versed in social media marketing, is friendly, reliable and dedicated. I’d highly recommend Lori for any project that would benefit from her communication skills."

Lynn Sanders

Difference Makers Media, LLC


Dancing With Tex: The Remarkable Friendship To Save Whooping Cranes

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