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Lori is a writer, a skilled communicator and a lover of a great cup of coffee. She was raised by storytellers and fueled by reading. Most of her young adult life she spent listening to her relatives share about what mattered most to them, and reading novels, fiction and history books. She began writing everything from sports commentary to parodies. 


Youth, high school and college softball laid the foundation of focus, endurance and strategy in her everyday life while broadening her communication skills. Pitching not only required the ability to hurl a ball, but to read the batter.  A staunch team player, she knew her role on every field she ever played and coached on. 


After graduating from Rutgers University with a degree in psychology, Lori pursued a career working with kids who have special needs and their families, while writing remained a favorite pastime.  Class rooms, group homes, and transitional residences in towns like Paterson, New Brunswick, Sayerville and Trenton served as opportunities to develop an exceptional ability to reach people, as words were often the only tools she had to build relationships. 

About Lori

Blessed to raise three kids (twin girls arriving when her son was fifteen months old), she now had her own bullpen.  Lori harnessed her communication skills to use social media for the greater good. Accessing online communities for writers and entrepreneurs, she spent years writing about small businesses and community builders in her home state of New Jersey. She fought the ‘pay to play’ publications and told the stories of unsung heroes; stories that had voice and vision and needed to be told. She support and helped develop online presence for several nonprofits, and local organizations. She graciously accepted invitations to chronicle a local chef’s inaugural debut at the prestigious James Beard Foundation, and tweeting  football games from the press box at MetLife Stadium, to running live social media at a NYC fashion show for an international designer’s book launch. 


Lori was the media director for Fabien Cousteau’s epic Mission 31 in 2014. Managing several social platforms, sponsor exposure, live skype calls from the bottom of the South Florida ocean and the media blitz that followed, honed her skills and broadened her vision. 


She recently did the content edit, and directed the book launch for Elizabeth Nader’s Master Your Mindset The Masters Way. She is producing public appearances and supporting the online community ‘Master Your Mindset Academy’. 


Lori just finished a memoir, The Heart of a Raider Returns Home, and is collaborating with a former Major League Baseball Player to write his forth-coming book. She lives in New Jersey, continues to support families with special needs and local coffee roasters. 

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