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Do you want to learn from an expert and share the responsibilities in social media management, writing, and/or event planning and execution? Lori offers consulting on any of the above services for anyone looking to maximize their skills and work together as a team on your terms. Stay tuned for the announcement of  a brand new service  launching which will combine coaching with creativity to find the drive or heart beat behind an organization or individual. 


Need to plan an event for your brand, product, or service and don't know where to start? Event planning and execution requires diverse talents and experience to bring all of the unique elements together successfully. Lori has planned, executed and documented events ranging from benefits, book launches, and social media chats, as well as live events with a unique connection to a product or cause. 


Do you need help writing a book, and article, or marketing content?

Lori is a life long writer. In the last decade she has completed online courses in writing for business, social media and content marketing. She edited an online newspaper for four years, wrote and submitted articles for seven years writes and edits resumes and LinkedIn profiles. She just finished a memoir and is collaborating on another one. Lori has deep experience in content writing, email campaigns and social media marketing.


Social media is a must-have in today's content marketing and brand awareness environment. Understanding how to use it powerfully is a specific talent. Lori has run several campaigns and builds pages organically and authentically. Her excellent communication skills, combined with experience and knowledge of the platforms helps to build engaging campaigns, meaningful connections, and creates maximum exposure. Lori specializes in exposure for nonprofit organizations as well as event publicity.

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